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Download Instagram Stories

Introducing Story Master for Android

We recently developed an app called Story Master which is intended to allow you to download Instagram stories whether they’re from someone you follow, or some public profile as well. It is available on the Play Store for free and we encourage you to give it a try! Click here to download.

More than just stories

If you’re already aware of our Follower Master app you might be wondering what’s new with this app. Well, in this case we wanted to expand more on the stories and video aspect of instagram giving a more extended funcionality. What do I mean by this exactly? I mean we added the ability to download not just stories, but IGTV videos and Live re-plays as well!

With Story Master you can download instagram stories, IGTV videos and Live re-plays
With Story Master you can download instagram stories, IGTV videos and Live re-plays

Using Story Master

Story Master’s user interface is so intuitive and easy to use that it doesn’t even need an explaination, but anyway… Just login either with your Instagram credentials (username and password) or use the Login with facebook feature, which is recommended.

Once you logged in, the app will start to scan your following for stories, IGTV and live videos. This may take a few seconds depending on your internet connection. Once the scan finishes, the app will display a list of user that either have available stories or videos for download. You can preview them right away and check out their stuff before downloading.

You can also use the magnifying glass icon to make a quick search for any user that is not in the main list, even if you don’t follow him (as long as their profile is public).

100% Anonimous

One more very important feature, is that everything you watch, download or share, is anonymous. I mean, your username will not show up in their stories observer list! Spy on stories as much as you want!

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