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How to use Follower Master for Instagram

Use Follower Master and find out who doesn’t follow you any more

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Unfollow and White-listing

I want to stop following those who don’t follow me

Follower Master makes it very easy to unfollow your unfollowers.

List of people that you follow but they dont follow you back. Available option on the toolbar

First enter to the Unfollowers list from the main screen and you will see a list. On top of that list you have all the available options. You can either search for a specific user, or select them all at once. Once you check them you have the option to stop following them by pressing the icon with the X on top.

I want to whitelist users that don’t follow me

Whitelsit means making and exception. It’s for those who you don’t actually expect them to follow you back.

Again, once you’re in the unfollowers list, simply find the users you want to add to white list and check them. Then confirm by pressing the icon on top with the check mark (✔).

Copy following, follow followers

When you’re checking someone’s profile, you’ll see an option that says “follow all” below their following and followers count. Click this button and it’ll take you to the list, where you can manually choose who you want to follow. You will also have an option to follow all.

Automatic following

If you pressed the follow all button, a dialog will show where you’ll be able to select the follow speed. Once you confirm, the app will automatically start attempting to follow all the users in the list.

Failed requests

If you exceed the recommended daily follows/unfollows it is possible that you will reach some limitations from Instagram. This means you will be blocked for following or unfollowing someone new. What to do in these cases? Fear not. Most probably it is just your IP that has been temporarily limited. You have 2 options:

  • Wait for at least 48 hours until you follow or unfollow someone new. Most penalties resolve with time.
  • Change your IP address. If you are using wifi either disconnect your router for a moment, try from a different wifi or just switch to mobile data.

Common Questions

How do I search for a specific user?

Use the magnifying glass icon on the top of the main screen

Why I can’t dismiss the notification?

This is because since Android 8.1 it is required to show a notification just to let the user know there is a process running on background.

What is the background service for?

  • Keep your session open so you don’t have to log in every time
  • Make periodic scans faster
  • Required for link grabber (so you can download from Instagram post links) (to be implemented)
  • Required for scheduled follow/unfollowing

My main screen lists are in 0

Probably just an error on the app. Try refreshing by pulling down the main list, or select refresh from the menu